As a lightworker, multipotentialite and cosmic gypsy, Eril endeavours to assist in raising world consciousness and to co-create a peaceful, nurturing world, driven by the core qualities of love, joy, truth and wisdom by using cutting edge energy healing techniques that are supported by the principles of quantum physics.

She has had a lifelong interest in philosophy, metaphysics and psychology and has read extensively in those fields. Early on, Carl Jung and his work on archetypes and symbols made a great impression on her; and in her deep knowledge of astrology has been greatly influenced by astrologer and psychologist Liz Greene and her extensive work on the application of astrology in psychoanalysis, using personal and transpersonal archetypes and symbolism as a blueprint for our psychological makeup and healing.

The underlying driving force of becoming more self aware and raising consciousness has lead her to study and practise meditation, yoga and healing techniques, such as Cranio Sacral Therapy and Distant Energy Healing. She admires the work of philosopher, mistic and developmental psychologist Ken Wilber and his integrative philosophy. She has also studied with world-renowned teachers and masters at the leading edge of consciousness and energy healing, such as Judy Satori, Susan Taylor Shier, Kenji Kumara and Dan Hanneman.

Furthermore, her extensive and varied experience as an entrepreneur enables her to mentor up-and-coming healers and coaches on branding and marketing techniques to boost their businesses.