Have vibrant energy every day!

Are you struggling with health issues, lack of energy, burnout, anxiety, disillusionment, grief or loss?

Step into health, vitality, the joy of living
and a sense of purpose.

It is possible to powerfully shift and transform every area of your life – in career and business, prosperity, health and relationships – and clear energetic drains and blockages on any level, i.e. physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Discover positive aspects, as well as challenges relating to your health and wellbeing.

Distant healing. Energy Scanning and Healing by phone or Skype.

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M. Evans – Virginia USA

I had the wonderful opportunity to have a free energy scan by Eril. The information and insights she received were very accurate starting from my crown chakra all the way to my root chakra! Even though we just met I felt very comfortable. She held a space with a very loving and nurturing energy that made it very easy for me to open up to her. Eril is truly a gifted healer.

L B – Iowa USA

You zeroed right in on one of the most sensitive areas. You were very perceptive – it has been one of the best done on me so far! You are very talented.

K M W – Florida USA

A lot of this makes perfect sense to me. I am in the midst of closing my heart because my husband chooses not to be married anymore and looking for new direction in my career. Your images are pro- found, I really like them. I get more of a sense of open or closeness in terms of energy. Thank you so much for your scan, I really appreciate it.

Mike Meyer – Bathurst SA

Eril is an extremely talented person and truly in touch with her inner being and energy that surrounds and influences all of us. Recently I have suffered from absolute and relentless pain in my right leg, especially my knee. The cause was a pinched sciatic nerve. I took some of the strongest painkillers which provided no relief at all. Eril started her healing therapy. About three weeks later I woke up, my pain was completely gone! I could not believe that I could move freely with no pain or any form of medication at all.

Tess Whitlie – Bathurst, EC

Eril is a wonderfully intuitive healer who cured me of unbearably painful muscular spasms in my left arm and shoulder – something strong painkillers had negated to do. I can highly recommend her healing services to anyone in need of them. Thank you, Eril. I am forever grateful.

How can Energy Healing work over a distance?

Distant energy healing, also known as remote energy healing, is based on the principle in quantum physics that energy is not restricted by time or location, and therefore can be practised over any distance at any time, so that the person being observed or healed does not have to be present. read more

How can energy be used to heal?

For hundreds of years, the scientific explanation for the order and nature of the universe consisted mainly of a mechanistic view of reality, i.e. that everything in nature was predictable and could readily be explained. read more

Why Energy Healing?

The aim of energy healing is to completely release trauma, and thereby cure the patient of the cause of dis-ease. Traditional western (allopathic) medicine, on the other hand, aims to combat disease by the use of remedies, drugs or surgery, thereby treating the symptoms of an illness, not the cause. read more
About Eril

About Eril

As a lightworker, multipotentialite and cosmic gypsy, Eril endeavours to assist in raising world consciousness and to co-create a peaceful, nurturing world, driven by the core qualities of love, joy, truth and wisdom by using cutting edge energy healing techniques...

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